The 6 Pillars of the SafetyQuip Model


Our Experience & Stability of 25+ years in operation, as a mature, rock-solid business, with long-term, dedicated leadership and a franchise owner network that remains with the business far longer than the average franchisee in Australia.

In total, our average current franchisee remains in their business for a duration of 9.82 years (as at 29th March 2018). By the time our National Conference comes around in October this year (2018), the average time in business for our existing franchisees is projected to be 10.34 years!

We’re very proud of this as it means you are not just buying a SafetyQuip franchise – you are being welcomed into a family of like-minded, professional people who enjoy what they do and the benefit it provides. This is why we’re all together significantly longer (30% longer approx.) than the average franchisee tenure across the country in all franchises.

People simply don’t stay if they are not happy.


Our business has been built on expertly crafted exclusive franchise territories, each maximised for long-term growth into multi-million $ businesses, from stable revenue streams in recurring B2B account sales.

Significantly, the product we offer our primary target B2B market is not an optional or discretionary spend. Our target market has varying degrees to what they require in safety equipment to remain a safe and compliant workplace. Our large and exclusive territories are built on data that identifies the number of primary customer targets in each.

Offering 3 x 5-year franchise terms gives time to properly dedicate yourself to build a substantial business. Even on exit from your business, a buyer will be given the security of the same full 3 x 5-year franchise terms – SafetyQuip takes a longer-term view for significant wealth creation through business. 

Our entire focus on B2B recurring sales stands us in good stead. In fact, our very first customer is still a customer today 25+ years later! 


We offer a unique value proposition to our market helping establish strong long term relationships with eager small to medium enterprise customers, who struggle to meet the challenges of OH&S Legislation.

For the majority of SME’s in the market, keeping up with their own specific sector / industry developments, as well as their changes and trends, can be overwhelming enough. Also keeping abreast of their legislated OH&S compliance requirements, can be challenging.

Our franchisees’ regular presence in their local markets building long-term relationships with business owners, sees our value consistently grow in providing safety equipment and consumables. But most importantly, the comfort of having an ‘on-the-ground’ face and presence of a trusted, experienced authority in helping local business owners in meeting their safety obligations, cannot be underestimated.  

That value proposition is unquestionably unique.


Competitive Advantage of being the only full scope safety provider in our market capable meeting our customers’ complete needs with an unrivalled product range, and market leading convenience of a fully stocked van at their location, or have their items delivered.

Our 25+ years in the market has resulted in close ties with many leading national brands we all know and love. Our proven reliability as a dedicated channel to market for 15,000+ safety industry products, works in complete synchronicity as part of our competitive advantage, with a business model focused on customer convenience, given the multiple ways product is presented, and or delivered to customers.

With SafetyQuip as a distributor, leading safety product brands know that our model of Trade Shop, Face-to-Face Van sales, online, and courier delivered orders, gives four distinct methods for clients to purchase product. This thorough and flexible approach to serving the B2B community at the local level, means safety brands are confident their product is in good hands and being effective and efficiently taken to market.


We are committed to developing and training our new and existing franchise owners with no prior knowledge assumed, in all aspects of safety issues and education, as well as the backing of our entire business system that includes technology, marketing, business management and more.

The SafetyQuip 90-day QuickStart structured plan expertly launches franchisees into their business with a ramp-up period of intensive training and support. Additional training support and facilitation is provided by a number of our leading product suppliers who relish the opportunity to contribute to growing the collective knowledge of our network.

Technology developed solely for the complete operation of the SafetyQuip Business System (TBS) is used on a day-to-day basis and provides full visibility of all of the specific KPI’s of the business. All aspects of business management and marketing also plug and play into the system. Visibility and efficiency are crucial in underpinning the entire model for seamless operation be it in a fixed, mobile van or remote satellite locations. 


Our focus on the B2B market rewards us all with a rarity in modern business and society - a Monday to Friday working week, public holidays, plus a full 2-week shut down over the Christmas period with our families.

We believe this is seriously underestimated by many looking to buy a business. Our B2B focused model also sees us work in true business hours, Monday to Friday. Fulfilment of online orders overnight as required is handled the following day at the local level, or a central distribution centre depending on the product.

A decent shut-down across the Christmas period also treats us well. Yes, we all have a life, a substantial business, AND we get to have an impact and make a difference in our communities. We do this by keeping people safe and returning home to their families at night. Having such an amazing impact is just not possible for many in their day to day lives through work or business.

At SafetyQuip we get to do both while also having a life, and it feels fantastic.

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