Melbourne South

The Melbourne South territory consists of a total of 31,319 businesses employing staff.

According to our analysis the Melbourne South available territory has the following distribution of primary target customers across our key industries;

Agriculture, Forestry and Fishing180 businesses
The Construction industry3,061 businesses
The Education Sector541 locations
The Manufacturing industry1,806 businesses

In total, the territory drills further down into 5,588 businesses in the four core target industries that employ up to 199 staff.

The key towns and suburbs of note include;

  • Port Melbourne,
  • South Melbourne,
  • Cheltenham,
  • Moorabbin,
  • Mulgrave,
  • Clayton,
  • South Yarra,
  • St Kilda Road, Melbourne,
  • St Kilda,
  • Oakleigh.

If you would like to find out more about the Melbourne South territory opportunity, and the SafetyQuip business model, make contact via the form on this site.

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