Seasonal Product offerings and what’s hot this summer...

With record temperatures predicted for the approaching summer months, workplace health and safety switches gear to concentrate on ‘summer safety’ products. At Safetyquip, we have a select range of products chosen specifically to deal with the challenges of this season which are over and above our core product offerings. This year, our ‘summer safety’ range includes the latest in head protection, eye protection, SPF50 clothing, sunscreens and re-hydration drinks.

On a national level, we started our summer campaign in November with promotion on our website, regular updates on social media (Facebook) and email marketing. However, we offer our Franchisees the flexibility to start promoting on a local level when then feel it appropriate for their area. It’s one of the ways we support Franchisees to cater for regional differences including industry mix, climate and customer types.

Our latest EDM (Email Direct Marketing) featured top tips and products to deal with Heat Stress. We also had a promotion to give away $350 worth of Thorzt gear.

With four well-defined campaign periods per year and four weeks’ notice as to strategy details, it is easy for our Stores to plan ahead with stock control and local marketing opportunities. From a customer engagement perspective, each season offers a renewed opportunity to engage with customers to ensure they have all their workplace needs met.

Our franchisees also have the security of knowing that all products added to our range meet Australian standards and are often global products that have been market tested and proven before launching here.

According to Elizabeth Sauterel, Operations Support Manager - “Safetyquip’s catalogue is produced ever two years and endeavors to capture a good mix of well established and new release products. The majority of our sales occur in categories where brands have developed a reputation for reliability and performance.”

You can scroll through our summer promotions HERE