Our Christmas recharge!

For most businesses, Christmas can be a stressful period with little time left to celebrate the season or gather your energy for the new year. At Safetyquip we're happy to say it's a time for family, friends and a welcome opportunity for a well-earned two-week break. It's just one of the features that makes our franchise business such an attractive option for those looking for a great quality of life.

So while we're enjoying quality time to relax and re-energise, what about our customers? Well as a B-2-B operation, we know that 95% of our customers are also enjoying a break over Christmas with generally very low sales over this two week period.

However our customers aren't left high and dry as they can still place orders if it's an emergency. Elizabeth Sauterel, Operations Support Manager, “If customers call the safety shop phone number there is a message indicating the Christmas closure period and an emergency phone number to call. Franchisees open the branch and/or supply for any customer emergency needs. Online orders through the National Support Office are also emailed to each relevant Franchisee although orders are generally very few during this period.”

Therefore, store owners can confidently relax knowing they will be notified of any urgent orders, ensuring clients are well-taken care of and no business is lost.

Flexibility is all a feature of this business period, as not all store owners will want to close their doors on the same day. Local business needs and their own holiday plans can differ from store to store, therefore owners can choose their own closing and re-opening dates.

“The Christmas closure is eagerly awaited by all as a time to recharge for the coming year “ comments Elizabeth, “and we’re sure this year will be no exception”.

We wish a Happy Festive Season to all!