Making your impact - with SafetyQuip's record growth - As Seen in franchise buyer magazine October 2018!

We we're recently featured in franchise buyer magazine with a 'News Bite' focused on our wonderful growth result for the financial year 17/18. We decided we'd grab the text direct from their magazine ourselves and place it below for your reading! We're truly excited by the result....

SafetyQuip recently reported impressive annual growth on the previous FY of 14.16%. While this result was an outstanding one for the entire system, the year also saw a record result for a single location in achieving over $4million in annual sales from a single site.

With performance like this, we asked CEO, Gary Shearer, what he put this growth success down to.

“Of course on the ground right across the country, it’s our wonderful franchise owners living and breathing our mission of ‘Local Knowledge, Safer Workers’ daily.

And the foundation for them being able to do that, and achieve the success that they do, comes from doing the right things and doing them consistently. Not jumping around all over the place trying to find new ways to sell product. It’s doing the right things.”

The SafetyQuip team prides itself on “…the knowledge and up-skilling we are constantly providing to our franchisee network so they can go out and sell high-end safety equipment.”

“In fact, we know that collectively we get this to the point that there is nothing out there amongst our 15,000+ product inventory that our franchise businesses are afraid to sell.”

Gary also believes that while being consistent in what and how you sell is important, being consistent in your presence in your market is equally crucial for success.

“To be successful, you just need to keep presenting yourself to new clients. Getting out there and being the face of your business in your community - there is simply nothing quite like it as far as the impact that can have in your market.”

“And the most satisfying thing for us and all our franchise owners, is that the more successful we are, the more people go home to their families every night safe and sound.”

Now that is something else to feel good about after a successful day in your business!