Franchisee Profitability Workshop

We are huge believers in the power of the group.

With that firmly in mind with everything we do, our CEO and Founder, Gary Shearer led a franchisee profitability workshop at our NEXTGEN 2020 Conference in Newcastle.

With a significant amount of data mining and analysis done in advance, our community of franchise owners gathered in this session to examine key areas of the business model and discuss their input and areas where they can use them to improve their own operations.

We pulled apart things like;

  • Insurance costs,
  • Accounting costs,
  • Phone costs,
  • Wage costs,
  • and much more.

We were able to go as deep as the wage cost component for every invoice generated by each franchise owner. This is just an example of the type of benefit that being part of a franchise system focused on data and continual improvement can give you. Data that improves your own operation.

Gary said, “The purpose of this workshop within the conference is to bring to attention of every franchisee the areas of their business that they can focus on in order to increase their profitability.

As a business owner myself, when I started, I would have given just about anything for the type of data we are able to access at the click of a button today."

“We had an instance where we did this a couple of years ago where a franchise owners accounting annual costs were a significant outlier to the rest of the network. After he was alerted to this in the workshop compared to the average, he was able to go back to his accountant, inform him of the disparity and got a partial refund and significantly reduced his ongoing pricing – a great result.”

From this conference session, each franchise owner has identified their own areas they can work on. "In subsequent field visits, that data and knowledge will be reviewed with the franchisee back in their own store and an action built around improving them will be putting place. All of this is focused on dropping more $ to the bottom line..."