Distribution branch managers, feeling ready to step-up to your own business?

If you are full of experience, skills and ability from years of running your own branch for a corporate, are you at a point where something just isn’t clicking for to you drive that business forward for someone else?

Maybe things that were never a bother for you, are starting to. It could be that the monthly reports you spend so much time and effort on feel like they never get looked at. The suggestions you make seem to fall on deaf ears, or the extra resources you need and were promised just don’t seem to come to fruition.

There is no doubt we all experience frustration in the workplace, as life, work and everything else is never perfect.

OR maybe all of the above is not you, and you’ve simply always been waiting for that next big opportunity, the thing that jumps out at you.

Our established business model could be made for you.

Why are we introducing ourselves to you?

We identified that what you do in a branch on a daily basis, is basically running the operational equivalent of a SafetyQuip business in a similar or same environment!

All the experience, skills and abilities you draw on every day to lead your team, drive sales with P&L responsibility, manage sales people, oversee warehousing and transport distribution, hire and train team members, and basically be ‘the face’ of your branch - it’s the essence of the day to day responsibilities of a business, a SafetyQuip business owner.

And fortunately, the distribution, trades, and workplace safety exposure is a direct correlation to our business at SafetyQuip.

If you think you might be ready to explore something new, and take yourself to a new level, then we should be talking so you can take a look inside the business and understand our approach and business model. It will also give us a chance to get to know you.

Then, we can talk about what is possible.

The franchise business model when done well, is very much a two-way street. We want great people in our business, and of course, the people coming into our business as franchise partners want and need great people running and leading it.

What’s our story?

We’re the only full-scope franchised safety business in the country. Our business model supports owners with a vision from a single branch location with a single sales van on the road, right through to a large safety centre with warehouse, multiple vans and sales teams, as well as remote satellite locations out into regional areas. Our large exclusive territories allow significant opportunity and potential, yet also mean they can be scarce depending on your location.

We have a remarkably strong growth story in this market, with passionate franchise owners, some who are ‘nudging’ the $4million mark in annual sales - an impressive implementation of our business model.

Our recent strong national growth story, trending up 16%+ on average a month from early 2017, has primarily been achieved with the support of our driven, passionate, AND successful franchisees.

We encourage you to take notice of what we are doing in the market if you believe you haven’t tapped your full potential yet.

Because as yet, we certainly haven’t tapped ours. This is why we look for, and want to talk to people just like you.