Who are my customers and how will I win them?

Our target customers are businesses under 200 employees (SME’s). We don’t focus on those above 200 employees in size, as the margins become significantly slimmer when servicing the bigger the business accounts. Our extensive experience has shown that our value proposition ‘sweet-spot’ is that we can add just the right combination of product and trusted expert service and support to our target market. From time to time our franchise partners do ‘win’ larger enterprise accounts on tender with our support and guidance, but crucially, the margins must be right.

Winning customers. The SAFETYQUIP business has been designed around our own organic competitive advantage. The van and its role of building face-to-face relationships with B2B Clients throughout each franchise partner's area is a significant barrier to entry for any would-be competitors.

Given Workplace health and safety is mandated in legislation, our product and service offer is a ‘must-have’ for many businesses. The level of compliance and product requirements will vary greatly depending on the business. It is also an area that is ever changing, which in itself poses compliance challenges for businesses of any size at times. 

Your Business Management Software will come pre-loaded with thousands of prospects for you to target and communicate with clients.

Knowing that you are a welcomed sight when you call on your clients throughout your local market is a wonderful feeling to have. Helping keep people safe and returning home to their families is a hugely satisfying outcome of running our businesses and doing our job well!