What's the best location and how is it selected?

We engaged one of the leading territory mapping companies in the country, Spectrum Analysis, led by Peter Buckingham, to map a full set of territory locations across Australia that fit the SafetyQuip model. This mapping is vital in that it creates substantial trade areas for each franchise partner to operate in. The mapping uses Australian Bureau of Statistics data (ABS) to identify and parcel each territory with suitable trade opportunity.

A SafetyQuip franchise territory has been carefully designed so that it meets criteria criteria of having a suitable number of primary industry targets. Our planning has resulted in us having a very detailed set of industries that our 25+ years of history has shown are the best prospects for repeat business for our franchise partners across the country.

After more than 25 years as the safety experts, new territory potential is identified using a data analysis backed approach to territory mapping. Notably, an emphasis is placed on six key industries known to have strong demand for the product and supports services we provide.

In territory mapping planning, our core focus is on four primary industries to target;

  • Agriculture, Forestry and Fishing,
  • The Construction industry,
  • The Education sector,
  • The Manufacturing industry,
  • Electricity, Gas and Water,
  • Mining.

These six industries are essentially the ‘sweet spot’ of the SafetyQuip business in product and services to the SME market.

The specific physical location of your Safety Centre that your van(s) also operate from is dependent on any number of factors such as;

  • Your residential location,
  • Population centres,
  • Access to and for primary target customers,
  • Available suitable premises,
  • Cost of fit-out if needed,
  • Occupancy costs (rent), and more.