What products and services do we provide?

We offer a range of 15,000+ products in safety and personal protective equipment categories. To give an indication of exactly what these types of products are, we keep our customers compliant and stocked up with items including;

  • Safety Equipment, such as head, face, eye, respiratory, hearing, hand protection and more,
  • Safety Workwear, including all protective clothing, work boots and high visibility (HI VIS) apparel and much more,
  • Site Safety Products, such as first aid kits, fire extinguishers, traffic cones and lighting systems, and much more.

Of course our franchisees don’t need to stock 15,000+ items. The ability to source and deliver 15,000+ products in the safety niche, enables every Safetyquip business across the country to completely meet the needs of the of SME businesses in their region.

A Trusted Adviser

We also play the valuable role of an authority and trusted advisor for our customers in their location, or via our Safety Centres. This means we have an incredibly strong value proposition for SME’s who often struggle with the challenges of Workplace Legislation and compliance. We also provide a number of services and of course we all carry Professional Indemnity Insurance to mitigate risk.