What are the start-up costs and fees?

There are two investment levels into a SafetyQuip franchise.

Start-Up Entry 1

$140,000 - $240,000

This is essentially a "lean start-up" with a sales van on the road and working out of a "blind warehouse" allowing you to focus on face-to-face with customers growing your customer base. The costs vary depending on the lease or purchase of equipment.

Running a full Safety Centre is a bigger responsibility, and this is generally more than suitable for people who have had direct distribution / branch manager type experience previously. If you haven’t, then operating at a small scale from start-up, and through the first 12 months is the most suitable way to start and scale.

Progressing through to a full safety Centre after 12 months is a requirement under this approach.

Working Capital - Access to an additional $100,000 in working capital is essential.

Start-Up Entry 2

$189,000 - $314,000

This is a full start-up straight into a Safety Centre with sales van. 

This is our second start-up level / option which INCLUDES a full Safety Centre and sales van on the road. It is suitable if you have a distribution / branch manager background.

Working Capital - Access to an additional $100,000 in working capital is essential.