How do I start and grow the business?

Entry into the SafetyQuip business is built around the concept of "Staged Growth".

In this approach, we match your direct skillset and experience, to the most suitable start-up phase over your first 12 months in the business and beyond. We identified that having two approaches to the start-up phase (determined according to skillset and experience) across the first 12 months, allows the business to develop properly.

In fact, the entire business model moves through four (4) stages of growth.

  • Entry / Start-Up 1
    A fully stocked sales van and 'blind warehouse' (with no walk-in customers, no signage), to enable you to take 12 months to focus on driving sales to grow your local area and build up to a Safety Centre,
  • Entry / Start-Up 2 (By Approval)
    Where you already have direct skills and experience in distribution or branch management, and have the capacity to move into a full Safety Centre with sales Van from start-up,
  • Reach Expansion
    From your Safety Centre, add multiple vans increase reach and capacity across your region. Note: There are no additional franchisor fees to add extra vans
  • Territory Satellite Expansion
    With the Safety Centre and multiple vans established you may add satellite Shop(s) supported with a van to service the further reaches of your territory. Once again, there are no additional franchisor fees to add satellite shops or vans.

Mark Bartlett, our franchise owner of Bayswater and Nunawading Branches in Melbourne, provides some excellent insight into the process of how he expanded his business with an additional satellite location.

We stage the start-up into the two options as we want you to be focusing on the key areas specific to you, that you need to from day one to grow your business. And your ability to do this is relevant to your prior experience in industrial B2B distribution and sales. Nobody can teach you every everything you need to know to be successful in a business inside a few short weeks.

We are a franchisor who not only understands, but acts in the absolute best interest of our franchise partners to curate growth in the business. Our two phase option start-up approach de-risks this phase in the event you do not have specific distribution / branch manager type experience. The 12 month "blind warehouse" option protects your precious cash flows and allows you to focus on driving sales by building the customer base as the priority, without worrying about managing a full Safety Centre at the same time.