The mandated need for safety products and services is all around you.

SafetyQuip is a business built to serve the SME market with safety products and services via a 25 year refined distribution model. Mandated by legislation, OH&S compliance can be challenging, so we are the ‘go-to’ safety professional, supplier, and trusted adviser for thousands of clients.

With an entry cost from as low as $180,000 + working capital, a flat royalty fee of just 5.25% on sales, and last financial year numbers (17/18) exceeding $1.6million+ average annual franchise sales.

Truly leverage your distribution, sales or management experience into your own wealth creation vehicle.

Costs and Fees

With some franchisees generating $3million+ in sales annually, the platform is there to show how you could do that AND then some.

SafetyQuip is the only franchised full-scope safety distribution business in the country with the ability to distribute 15,000+ safety related products and on-site service and support to our clients.

We’ve built an entire business system around serving the B2B market, primarily aimed at SME’s with under 200 employees – and making ourselves indispensable to that market.

Why do we stand-out from other businesses?

  1. Experienced & Stable – In business for more than 25 years, we’re rock solid with dedicated leadership and franchisees that stay far longer than the average franchisee across the country (30% longer and growing),
  2. In Need – The products and services we provide are essential to B2B functioning, providing a mix of highly regular consumables on account, as well as substantial one-off purchases,
  3. Fully B2B – dealing with the business market place means transacting, supporting and servicing needs are far simpler and more transparent,
  4. We have a life! – The B2B focus means that we shut down when the majority of our client businesses shut down. Working 8-5, Monday to Friday is our standard, plus two weeks break over the Christmas period so we can claim we really have a ‘style’ of life.

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The 6 Pillars of the SafetyQuip Model

Success in any business must be underpinned by a clear understanding of what it’s value is in the marketplace, and having the ability to deliver and leverage that value in the market.

The success of our franchise partners is the key to both our delivery and leverage in the market.

THIS is the foundation that underpins our business.

A True Lifestyle

Our focus on the B2B market rewards us all with a rarity in modern business and society - a Monday to Friday working week, public holidays, plus a full 2-week shut down over the Christmas period with our families.

Committed to Developing

We are committed to developing and training our new and existing franchise owners with no prior knowledge assumed, in all aspects of safety issues and education, as well as the backing of our entire business system that includes technology, marketing, business management and more.

Competitive Advantage

Competitive Advantage of being the only full scope safety provider in our market capable meeting our customers’ complete needs with an unrivalled product range, and market leading convenience of a fully stocked van at their location, or have their items delivered.

A Unique Value Proposition

We offer a unique value proposition to our market helping establish strong long term relationships with eager small to medium enterprise customers, who struggle to meet the challenges of OH&S Legislation.

Significant Wealth Creation

Our business has been built on expertly crafted exclusive franchise territories, each maximised for long-term growth into multi-million $ businesses, from stable revenue streams in recurring B2B account sales.

Our Experience & Stability

Our Experience & Stability of 25+ years in operation, as a mature, rock-solid business, with long-term, dedicated leadership and a franchise owner network that remains with the business far longer than the average franchisee in Australia.

From Our Franchisees

The SafetyQuip story is best told through the eyes of our franchisees, so why not take a few minutes to step into their shoes to see what life is like in the SafetyQuip team. Mark Bartlett is one of our longest standing members and Hennie du Plessis is one of our most recent.

SafetyQuip Kunda Park, Sunshine Coast with Hennie du Plessis

SafetyQuip, Melbourne, Bayswater with Mark Bartlett

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